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Frequently Asked Questions

We developed this page to answer questions that are frequently asked. If you have a question that you don't see here, feel free to email us at or call us at 330-826-1866.

Why choose Castle On A Cloud? 

We search throughout the area for gifted young artists, both male and female, that are amazing in their craft of musical theatre with dynamic personalities and a passion for children of all ages. The level of performance sets us apart from others in the business while inspiring children and delighting your guests at any venue! All of our costumes are custom-designed and sewn by a professional seamstress. Our wigs are carefully styled by professional wig cosmetologists. Most importantly, we choose performers that are great with kids and explode with energy to give your child an unforgettable experience! 

What do the characters do at the party? 

     All of our performers are highly trained actors/singers/dancers that will take charge at entertaining your party. We do not just "come and hang out" or "show up in a costume and take pictures". We will entertain your guests with a live performance, complete with singing and dancing. The entire party is planned out so that there is not a moment of downtime. We keep the parties interactive for the children, and entertaining for the adults. The specific activities for each type of party are listed under the "pricing" section of the website. Please feel free to give us a call or send us an email if you would like a detailed explanation! 

Does a travel fee apply? 

In order to keep our party package pricing  as low as possible, we charge a travel fee for parties and events beyond our normal "service areas". We use google maps to determine the mileage, and add $0.55 per mile and any tolls from the Ohio or Pennsylvania Turnpike to the travel charge. Currently, we service Warren, Youngstown, Akron/Canton, Cleveland, Columbus, and surrounding areas. 

Do you require a deposit? How do I book?

We require a 50% deposit and signed contract to secure your date and time. The deposit can be paid by cash, check, or money order through the mail (made out to Castle On A Cloud Entertainment LLC). We can also accept a credit/debit card through Square (3% processing fee will apply). Your date and time is still available to others for booking until we receive the contract and deposit. Final balance is due 7 days before the event/party. If you would like to book, please go to our booking page. 

When is the best time for the character to arrive?

If your family is having a big luncheon or dinner, it is best for the character to arrive at the party either before or after a family dinner is planned because it is often difficult to entertain the kids properly if there are a bunch of other things going on at the same time. The character should arrive in a certain "slot" of time during the party set aside for character interaction. We recommend that the character comes a half hour or hour after the beginning of the party to make sure your guests have arrived. The characters start at their allotted time and cannot wait for guests to arrive. 


Also, please choose your entertainment venues wisely. If too many things are going on at one time, it is often very difficult to gather all of the children to get them to focus on just one thing and the entertainment experience ends up becoming a little "rough". We want you to have the most magic possible! 

How far in advance should I book?

If you are booking a venue, or have a specific date and time, we recommend booking 2-3 months in advance to guarantee the date and time you are looking for. If you are flexible on your date and time, we recommend booking at least a month in advance. As a rule of thumb, we recommend booking before you send out your party invitations. 

Do you take last-minute bookings? 

We do our best to accommodate late requests if there is availability, but please note that parties booked less than a week before the performance date will necessitate a last minute booking fee of $30. If a party is booked less than a week in advance, payment in full is required via credit/debit/ACH through Square (3% processing fee applies). 

Do you offer characters for boy or non-binary parties? 

Yes! We offer characters for boy parties and we have designed our adventure party specifically for boy parties (though many girls love to have superhero or pirate parties). We highly recommend adding a superhero or pirate if many boys are going to be present at a party. The characters can split up to provide the best entertainment for boys and girls.  We are inclusive and do not discriminate on gender or sexual-orientation. We are more than happy to accommodate any of these requests. 

Can I have my party/event outside? 

Parties and events can be held outdoors according to certain weather conditions. If the temperature is below 65 degrees or above 90 degrees, the event must be held indoors (some characters can accomodate cooler temperatures with a cape or princess jacket). Our performers wear heavy costumes and wigs so we request that shade or a tent is provided for our performers in warmer conditions. If it is raining or snowing, the event must be held indoors. The area must be free of standing water, mud, thorns, bushes, or other things that can damage our costumes. Thank you for understanding. 

Is gratuity required? 

We do not require clients to tip, and we do not include it in our final bill. Our performers work extremely hard to make your experience magical, so any tips received are greatly appreciated and go directly to the performer at your party.  

Can I request a specific performer?  

Yes, you may request a specific performer at the time of booking but we cannot guarantee that they will be available for a specific event due to circumstances beyond our control. If a performer falls ill, please know that we reserve the right to replace that performer. 

Do we need to provide anything for setup? 

We recommend having adequate space set-up and available for the characters to entertain. The characters like to have a couple of chairs for story time. We need lots of open space to teach the princess dance. The characters will also need water for the activity portion of the party (tattoos and face painting). 

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