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Who We Are

Can you imagine the look on your child’s face, when their dreams come to life as their favorite character walks through the door on their special day? Imagine the pure joy in your little girl’s eyes when her favorite princess kneels down to give her a hug. Imagine the excitement your little boy will have when he battles pirates and saves the day with his favorite character. These moments can become a reality for your special one.

Castle on a Cloud Entertainment is a character performing company based out of Ohio. Each character is crafted with excellence, and at each event you can expect the highest quality entertainment including highly trained singers/performers/dancers. Our entertainment is available for birthday parties, holiday parties, costume parties, tea parties, school events, fundraising events, hospital events, church events, and more! 



Here at Castle on a Cloud we strive to offer high-quality entertainment, created to inspire each child, put a smile on your child's face, and inspire your friends and family. Each character is hand-crafted from the costume to the performance, so that each detail brings more magic to your unforgettable experience. 

our Mission

Our mission at Castle on a Cloud is to inspire todays youngest generations as well as their loved ones and families to be the best versions of themselves, to be loving and accepting of themselves as well as all others, to chase their dreams, believe in themselves, and put positive energy into a world that desperately needs it now more than ever. With a little Love and Pixie Dust We whole heartedly believe we all have the power to make the future a bright and amazing place for them!

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