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The Princess Ball 


The Magic Of Live Entertainment!

Our signature experience: the Princess Ball! 

 Event Highlights: 

  • Royal Arrival: Be greeted by the princesses themselves as they welcome you to a night of enchantment in the majestic ballroom. 

  • Magical Moments: Dance the night away amidst glittering lights and charming melodies, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Delightful Dining: Indulge in a sumptuous plated dinner prepared by the talented executive chef. Adults will savor tender roast beef accompanied by creamy boursin mashed potatoes and crisp green beans, while kids will delight in savory chicken tenders, comforting mac & cheese, and fresh green beans.

  • Sweet Surprises: Each guest will be treated to a Magical dessert, adding a delectable touch to the evening's festivities.

*Currently we partner with Landolls Mohican Castle & The Hippodrome for our enchanting nights! 

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