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Bringing High Quality Magic To Your Next Event!

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Are you looking for family-friendly entertainment for your next event? Since no two events are the same, every event is crafted with your needs. We offer services of shows, characters, meet and greets, DJs, face painters, and more. 

We've worked with many of our clients for 5+ years, and many since we opened 10 years ago.  Whether it's a corporate holiday party, charity event, or parade, we have a variety of experiences to choose from. 


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Are Private Parties still available?


Can you believe that 13 years ago, we did our first princess party? From our beginnings of birthday parties, we have evolved to offer many shows, events, bands and more to keep our offerings fresh and exciting. 

We still offer a limited amount of birthday party slots each month. Our birthday parties start at $400 for two characters. 

"Why can't you charge $100 like some other companies?"

We take tremendous care in training our performers so that you have a high-quality, unforgettable experience. We believe that no matter where your child meets a character, it should feel like they just stepped out of the story book. With professional performances, our investment in the highest-quality hand-crafted gowns and wigs (many $1000+), and the care we take of restyling wigs and cleaning costumes between each performance, our pricing reflects all the care and dedication we take into making your little one's special day unforgettable. 

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